Please help fix ears!


I was wondering if someone could please fix the orientation of the ears on my model. Also make the model into t-pose again. I think this would be simple for you guys hence volunteer work.



Juliette2.blend (690 KB)

Juliette2T.blend (691 KB)

Here you go, T-Stand. Hope that´s what you needed. Nice work so far btw :wink:
Don´t know what you mean by orientation of the ears.

Hello xhulic,

is this what you are after?

Juliette2-EarsFixed.blend (730 KB)

I have rotated the ears back; the vertices that make up the ears are saved in a vertex group so you should be able to select them quickly if small adjustments are needed.

The arms are now horizontal; again, the vertices that make up the arm are in a vertex group if you want to make adjustments. I have assumed from the way the model was in your file that you want the palms forward rather than down.


Hi guys,
Thanks so much for helping, the ears are perfect thank you.

However the problem still persists with the t-pose. As you can see when you move the arms to the t-pose (I have tried this many times) the armpits become weird. For example, in Boezekil’s blend the polygons in the armpit are very long and stretched, and in cgacc2’s the armpit muscles protrude too far and again long stretched polygons (easily seen on the back) appear.

Now the latter was easily fixed by some tweaking (muscle protrusion) and subdividing (the long stretched polygons) to make an acceptable result so again thanks for all the help!

Does anyone know how to avoid this? Is there a good way to fix it? (I just subdivided and moved verts)


Hello again,

I see what you mean about the polygon stretching on the back. I’ve had a go at trying to improve the model without subdividing; is this more what you are after?

Juliette2-EarsFixed_StretchingFixed.blend (993 KB)

Assuming it is -

I worked from the file I uploaded last time and just moved vertices. There is a useful trick you might not know for changing how vertices are laid out on a mesh without changing what the mesh looks like. It really makes this much easier and quicker:

i) in object mode, select the mesh and press shift-D to duplicate it.

ii) select the original mesh and go into edit mode. Turn on snapping at the bottom of the window and set it to “face” and “closest”.

iii) try moving the mesh points - they will skate over the surface of the duplicate mesh. When you are finished, you can go back into object mode and get rid of the duplicate :slight_smile:

I think I picked this up on cgcookie somewhere, though I don’t remember where. Is it any use to you?