Please help getting rid of fireflies (Eevee)

Howdy Blender Community,

I´m trying to get rid of the wrongly rendered pixels (fireflies?) in the eyes of the smiley.

Tried upping resolution, quality etc. Pretty much everything. Also tried adjusting the material, lamp size, intensity and angles. Nothing seems to help.

What am I doing wrong here?

Tried uploading the .blend but the forums wont allow me because new user.

increase the samples

Thanks for getting back. I did, up to 5k :smiley:
That render is actually rendered w 2k

You can use to upload the blender file.

Ah thanks! Oki, here it is:

Which pixels are rendering wrong? when I zoom into the eye, all I see are real reflections of the lamps.
If you want the lights to still illuminate the scene, but not add glare to the eye, drag the specular slider to 0:

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If you zoom in you can see 7 pixels in the left eye and 4 in the right exactly at the eye´s edges that are obviously wrong.

It is real reflection of the lamps/lights, as you have already been told.
The problem is that what the “cw-STEEL” material has connected to Roughness makes it act as a value of 0. Have you created that “cw-STEEL” material? Do you know what all those nodes do? If you don’t know what those nodes really do, you can disconnect Roughness and manually configure it with a value other than 0.
Another problem is that some lamps have a very small size, for example the lamp called “TriLamp-Back.003”. If Roughness other than 0 is not enough to solve the problem, you increase the size of those lamps and play with Specular values as already suggested.

And don’t forget that you have two very small lamps hidden for viewport, but not for final render :angry:

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Wow, thanks for the detailed response! I, indeed, do not have a very deep understanding of what every single node does. Thanks for your suggestions. I´ll look into them and report back.

Coming from audio, all this 3d stuff is very interesting and similar, yet totally different. And oh so exciting :slight_smile: