Please help: halo and texture not showing behind transparent glass


I would appreciate any help on the following subject: halo object and alpha texture not showing behind transparent glass.

I put 2 images below to demonstrate it. The 1st image has no glass, and the 2nd one has the glass between the camera and the flame.

Two things disappear on the second image:

  1. alpha texture for the flame (it makes the bottom of the flame transparent);
  2. halo object.

I could not solve those issues yet. Here are the images:

EDIT: I probably have to add that it happens only if “Ray Transp” is enabled for the glass material. Maybe the .blend file can help, here it is:

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Halos don’t work with raytraced reflections and refractions. You can however use a camera aligned plane and map a halo blend texture to it and it will work.

Pity to hear that. I thought it was me forgetting to turn on some option, that’s why I attached the .blend file. By the way, what about that alpha mapped texture for the flame itself, is it not supported with ray tracing too?

Well, sorry, but I do not understand the way it should be done. I’m learning Blender now and short answers are not for me yet. Is there some tutorial or piece of documentation on that walk around you described?

Or, alternatively, maybe I should create the flame and halo in some other way, so it works with ray tracing and still looks fine. I used the following file to learn creating flame: Maybe I should use some other way.