Please, help.How can I make my render visible on all sides?

How can I make my render visible on all sides? for example - on this link - there is such a model, on the third page, click on Play and you can see the model from different sides.
I have Blender 2.79 Cycles.
Please, help

It’s Sketchfab model page embedded there. If you click the name on top left, it’ll direct you the website.

If I post the link here, it automatically embeds as well:

Thanks for the answer. I just upload there a model with material settings and render this site like that?
Sorry for these questions, I just don’t understand well.
I also don’t know English so I write through Google Translate if I wrote something it’s not clear

Yes, you upload your model there with textures. You might need to tweak the material and lighting settings for a desired look in Sketchfab.
Then you basically publish it and share the link to your model. Most websites embed it automatically.

Thank you very much, everything is clear. You saved my work.Thank you

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