Please help! How to copy mesh data differences to make animation

Hello folks!

I have to optimise a difficult animation task from my predecessor
and hope someone can help me find a simple solution for my problem.

Imagine 2 different animated faces.
Two animated suzanne objects (lowpoly face expressions & blinking)
based on the same Suzanne base mesh with same vertices count,
but the 2 Suzanne meshes are edited for different age versions,
so for example the younger face version was scaled down
and proportional edited to look younger than the other face.
Their face expressions and blinking are pretty the same.

Unfortunately my predecessor saved each
child expressions animation in one suzanne1.blend file
and the older
adult expressions animation in another suzanne2.blend file.

I can append both
animated mesh objects
into one blend file.
AnimAll will allow me to animate all Vertices,
but I need it to be only
1 animated mesh object
with both age versions
in it in one object.

My goal is to use the young
face expressions animation
and extend it with the bigger edited old mesh one.
2 different Meshes → 1 Mesh, with scale+loc differences animated!

Each face expression animation takes 6 keyframes.
On keyframe 7 I want keyframe 1 from the other head.

When I copy the older+bigger Suzanne object
to keyframe 7
it also overrides all vertices from the
younger Suzanne face on keyframe 1-6
so the younger smaller mesh is deleted
and the smaller younger head disappears.

I would like to use the young Suzanne on keyframe 1-6
and set all vertice positions on keyframe 7 exactly
like the old vertices positions on keyframe 1 from the older head.

Is there a simple way I can go to keyframe 7
select Suzanne1 vertices and say,
get vertices positions/structure from Suzanne2?
Matching vertices position from Suzanne2 to Suzanne1,
but only on Keyframe 7 and thereafter?
So the young smaller head is on keyframe 1-7
and the older bigger head is on keyframe 7-12?

I don’t want to have to select hundreds of verts manually
on keyframe 7 and copy each edited verts position manually
to match Susanne1 and Suzanne2 on keyframe 7.

I could load both Suzannes
and hide the young mesh on keyframe 7,
but it would be nicer to have only 1 Suzanne
with all age versions animated instead.

Any idea or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

You can try the addon called “Mesh Data Transfer”. It has an option to transfer the shape of one object as a shape key to another object, which means you get to keep the original shape too and can morph between the two shapes. You can then keyframe it and animate it however you’d like to. Depending on how similar both meshes are, it can work pretty well. If both of them have the same UVs, try using the “Active UV” option. That seems to work the best.

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