PLEASE HELP image texture overlay repitetion


I am pretty new to blender and have a decent handle on most basic topics, but this on stumped me I, tried using larger and strechted images but it still happened.

How did you make the object?
Looks Like overlapping Geometry…If you enter edit mode you should be able to grab one of the loops around the area…
In the top bar…select the Merge option…
image and you should be able to eliminate that with a “G”-grab and pull it over to merge with the other section…
that will fix the texture problem.

here it is in wirefram, sorry about not uploading an image of this but because i am new here it would’nt let me upload more than one image, i thought i might be what you said but i tried and there are no overlapping verticies

Unless you’ve just got a second object I can’t see, you absolutely do have overlapping vertices. They don’t seem to be affecting any of the torus except that one loop, though. I would say this is a UV wrapping issue, it looks like that loop is incorrectly unwrapped.

ah, thank you. im going to try that now.