Please help, large blocky areas on smoke, open to any and all ideas how to fix

I’ve got a smoke simulation that acts and reacts pretty much exactly the way I want it to, but when it’s rendered I’m getting these large blocky areas. I have tried upping both resolution areas, all that does is slow my bake down to a crawl, or change the way my smoke reacts, neither is too desirable…

,I have seen in other threads(both here and elsewhere) that there’s a “scaling” function that needs to be turned on, but I have absolutely no idea where this “scaling” function would be found, and I’m tired of banging my head against a wall with this…

…I have also seen that “step” should be set low under the material for the smoke domain, but there is no “step” function there that I can find either.

I assume both of these(scaling and step) have been relocated in 2.8(if I am wrong please point me in the right direction)

…obviously I’m not the only person that is having this problem, and if someone could simply point out what I need to do to eliminate this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s a look at a render(obvious blocky areas):

I don’t mind a long bake time if it actually solves my problem, but I’m getting into three and four hour bake times randomly upping resolutions, and tweaking settings onyl to find out that they aren’t helping the problem, and that’s getting old real quick…

…again, any help is greatly appreciated–I’m at my wit’s end with this.

…here are my smoke domain settings as they currently are: