Please help lighting this. ;D

Hi i’ve been tring to ligh this blend , but i cant get a realistic image.
i’ve read a lot about yafary but i still dont get what i want.

Could you check my .blend and do what you have to do to have a nice realistic lighting, please.

here’s the best i could get once.(image) is green because i had the world green , but i didnt want that , it was a mistake , but the shadows look nice.

here are the blend files. one is just white , i dont know if is necesary to do lighting tests.

generally, i advise to light with unshaded untextured materials to get the lighting right, then add materials. Otherwise you are fighting two problems at once, and Lighting is more important. Then, yafray is another complication after you have the materials.

downloading now. btw, half a million faces for this scene is too much and rendering will take long time. try to simplify.Are you looking for an outdoor scene or indoor? Spooky or happy? What mood…

There is a whole lighting section in the wiki, Manual/Lighting, as well as some tutorials in the Tutorials link.

also, turn off EnvMap, Ray, and OSA - And AO - until you have the lighting figured out; just wastes time.

fixed a few things, some materials (curved roof, pillars) were not set to cast shadows, killed the redundant light, repositioned the sun to give a bright morning look, Ray turned on to enable ray-traced shadows from the sun. Also moved camera off center to give some depth, and moved that wall with the picture frame back to give depth. Made the barnacle wall (curve) bevel thicker. I changed the flooring shaders too. Oh, and changed the World Ambient lighting. enjoy!


Thanx man , i’ll check it out right know .

I don’t actually know how good any of this is, but I took my own shot at it. This is a sunset styled thing. Anyway, besides the lighting, I tried to optimize the scene a bit and fix a couple textures, sorry if you didn’t want them done, but as it is, I tried to stick to the original as much as I could. I know I changed the size of the image, but that was just to get a higher detailed shot, you can scale it back down to 640x480 if you want.

It uses blender internal and buffer shadow lighting, so it shouldn’t take took long to render. By the way, the lighting setup is assuming that this is going to be a still shot, so it’s a studio setup, if you wanted to stick this in a bigger scene, then tell me, and I’ll do my best to make the lighting wider-range.

Also, if this isn’t the mood you were going for, tell me what you wanted and I’ll try something else.

Thank you so much both of you , but i wanted it to be lighted using yafray.
Can someone try to do ‘‘realistic’’ one using yafray.
thanx ;D
Ah and i just wanted a afternoon type or lighting around 4 , sunny day , something normal but kind of realistic.

Oh, heh. Since your lighting was all green with crazy shadows I thought you wanted something dramatic. Well, I’ll see what I can do some time. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: You’re still trying to light this yourself, right? Cause you should. Practice is always awesome.

of course , but i would like to see what other people would do whith it. so i can learn from them .

I know how to use more less yafray in interior scenes , using fotons and getting a good photonmap , but when it comes to exterior scenes , i dont know what to do , if i just add a sun and maybe a spot light , use medium or high quality , set the number of bounces of indirect lught to 4 , add 2 AA pasaes with 4 samples each , activate cache , use the refinement at .3 , i still get a very flat , scene , i dont know what else i have to do to make it look real , i get better lighting in interiors than outside,
so please if someone could try to do a nice real setting so that i can see what im missing i would be so thankfull.
thanx ;D
By the way , black boe , why are two of the lights coloured with a blue point ? i never seen that before.