Please help me Blender Gods.

Hi there Ive been using this wonderful program for 5yrs off and on but recently its my main creative outlet. My problem is none of my plug ins work with 2.48. They did work yesterday but the greenscreen plug in doesnt work on any of my blender versions anymore. Please tell me is there away to keep my plugins( the greenscreen lets me cut out photoshop from my work flow) and i guess ill have to redownload blender 2.48. Besides that this program rules and thank in advance for any suggestions.

Ps what is the procedure to update or keep multiple ver. of blender one machine ie.physics branch, current stable, and any goodies from graphicall.

Post a bug report on For keeping multiple versions, just make sure they are all installed in different places, but only one version can be set to open .blend files.

Now, Blender has a Node Editor, which you can use like Photoshop:
I have a nice tutorial for greenscreening in Blender but I’m not at home right now and as such I don’t have my obscure bookmarks.

As for your second question, there is no real procedure that needs to be carried out. It is useful to name both the executables and the directories in which they reside in an unambiguous manner.

thank you both and yeah I can use nodes but they are significantly slower than the sequencer when working and exporting a batch of images and since i export the files as tiffs with alpha channel(I know blender is a 3d program but its applications for photography are amazing and convienent and faster than photoshop)I havnt figured a way to do it with nodes and get a matte thats clean on multiple files like the sequencer does. But maybe nodes are the way to go and ill try again.
as for my second question with how to set up a plugin system I did not know that had to set the .blend to one version and I know I screwd up because I have another computer running everything just fine but it only has blender 2.48 and my plugins and .blends. Im going to erase all blender files on my laptop and start fresh again with 2.48 and a physics build from graphicall.
And as for you Egan thank you i have seen the tut. but i couldnt get a clean matte and I know how to set up a greenscreen but i always get shadows from the screen in the matte and I cant figure out how to clean it up and export in a batch. If you send me the link ill try again from the tuts, because in theory I should be able to use nodes to give me a clean matte and any minor color corrections and then export to a folder the new tiffs with alphas.thats the goal anyway. My ultimate issue is why does my greenscreen plugin works so well( 99% perfect matte all the time) and nodes seem to miss a lot and I dont know how to refine.No really my degree is in photography but ill keep on trying and thank you to the community for all your help. If it were not for CMYK restriction i could remove photoshop from my work flow completely.BLENDER RULES

what os are you using and what exactly is the error that you are getting with the plugins? I know that all of the updated plugins work in my linux build ( latest svn) but there were a few problems with windows a while back… but I thought that they were fixed before 2.48 came out.

My ultimate issue is why does my greenscreen plugin works so well( 99% perfect matte all the time)
Why thank you :D… you made my day

im on a windows machine and the error is… error then the location of the plug in .but i think once i clean up my blender droppings on my computer and reinstall 2.48 fresh with my plugins and my scripts that will fix my issue.Im pretty sure when I was testing the new physics build I loaded my .blend from 2.48 to get my settings and what nots(im a lefty with a wacom tablet so everything is backwards and its a hassle to set up when using the awsome test builds but I also want to use a script in another version). Is it better to have a separate folder with plugins and scripts and blend files central to blender program proper or have them all in the same location on my C: drive.Wow that last sentence confused me.what i mean is should I have a goodies folder and point Blender to that folder(plugins scripts ect.)or should I keep everything in the blender foundation folder and copy when I get the inevitable new builds(mostly physics sim Volume Render on that build is so nice). Sorry for being so verbose but i hope the detail helps,I think i just need to clean and install.
If you are the maker of the greensceen plugin thank you.absolutely what I need to remove my portable background and then once I figured out how to get the sequencer to export my tiffs with alpha it changed how I fundamentally look at my photos,I dont need the bloat or expense of photoshop my pictures are fine untouched I just need to remove the green in post consistantly and my exported tiffs open in photoshop perfect so i just do minmal there. heck The other day I did a catologe layout in blender with custom backgrounds and type all in blender .I still use Photoshop for dealing with the printers but that is minimal and not Blenders job so i have no complaints.and one last thing.on the greensreen plugin there are four slider on the left hand side bottom that let you fine tune color selection on your matte,I cant read them so I dont know the real names of those variable and tooltips cuts them off.But they work great,They help with things like blue jeans and shimmer fabics(Im a fashion photographer so they are brillant just dont know what to call them.)
once more thank you,
and to TON and all the developers who keep this wonderful thing blender alive.thank you Im a photographer who uses your 3d program to do things that give better quality and consistant results without charging me 1000.00 every time you upgrarde or improve it. Crazy isnt it.

I think caveman had the right idea… you seem to have associated .blend files with one of the pre 2.48 versions that you were playing with - try this: click on a blend file and when blender opens, go to help->about and look at the splash screen to see what version of blender actually opens… you may need to redo your .blend file association to version 2.48. Or, you can just open whatever version of blender you want to use first and then just open your blend with the presets you need.

Keeping all of your stuff in the blender foundation folder is really not a good idea… I keep all of my blends, plugins, etc in separate folders from my different blender build folders and have my default blend (b.blend) point to them. That way whatever version of blender I use automatically knows where to look for my “stuff”.

If you have the mouse in the buttons window you can hit numpad + and it will enlarge the buttons…

There is no need to thank me… like I said you made my day - It’s really gratifying to hear from someone who finds my plugin useful… do you possibly have a link to some of your work? I would also like to see some sample pics with the portable background still in them if possible just to see what you are working with.

here is a link to my photobucket gallery For fashion clients im working for, I dont have any with the background now but its really a green sheet on the wall and me being about 10ft away from the model or more, lighting her well and remembering to keep them from drifting back and causing a wicked shadow( which by the way your plugin still gets me close enough and is better than color range in photoshop.) But as a photographer the picture should be right in the camera. the last two in the gallery are photoshopped but it was taking me too long to get a decent matte. everything else in the gallery in blender. the video snippet was all blender down to the background i use your plug in then run its output to the 2d cutout image script then i can animate, relight ,anything really in 3d space. I have been working on this for maybe 5years but in the last 6mnths(partly because im one of the unemployed masses) my blender knowlege is getting close to my photo knowlege and more and more i dont use photoshop. so the photo of the two together with the cartoon node(not too much) those are two seperate photos comped with your plug and the depth of field was a node also but the final image is a blender render down to Ravenous text which is too much but they like it not my call. my clients love that image and the only time photoshop touched it was to put my signature on the bottom.

Like I said i was trained as a photographer thats what my degree is in but Im trying use blenders 3d capabilities to move my photography farther. At what point is a photograph a render and with raytracing and volumetrics to simulate hyper-reality does it matter anymore?