Please help me! Crazy Bump and Blender!


I have finished my model, I have UV mapped it, and I have made the texture for the model. So now I import the Texture map into Crazybump, I make the crazy bump maps and save them to my desktop… and this is where I get stuck, how do I get the Crazy Bump maps into blender and on to my model?

Please! I have been trying so many times before, looking on every tutorial but they only use plains in their tutorial and I have 3D model with custom textures on it so my outcome is diffrent from theirs.

Overview in blender:
My crazy bump maps:

I just need to import all the images!

The first question to ask yourself is what renderer are you using.
In your screenshot you are using the Blender Renderer but are using material nodes. If you are using this renderer you should just use the normal materials. Add the textures to the different texture slots and set their appropriate influence and blend mode.

If you don’t know what that means then you are running before you can walk. Stop what you are doing and go back to the basics about blender materials and textures. Look at the wiki, search youtube for tutorials, watch the many tutorials on cgcookie.

On the other hand, if you are using material nodes in the belief you are using the cycles render engine, you have made the first basic mistake of not changing to the correct renderer. Delete your material. Then at the top of the blender window change to the Cycles Renderer. Again there are a gazillion tutorials about cycles materials on youtube and cgcookie.

There is no difference in texturing a plane or a complex shape, the textures are applied in exactly the same way. The objects uvs take care of the texture bing applied correctly to the model.