Please help me! if I cant figure it out I'll fail my class, needs to be fixed ASAP, PLEASE HELP!

I need help, my items are not showing up on my page, I have gone through and checked to make sure everything is unhidden and it is, it also says that all of the items that I put in are still there. this is what I see. please give feedback on how I can fix this, there is supposed to be a barn, windmill, and other items in the view, again everything is unhidden and selectable, it’s just like it disappeared.

here is the link to the file

[“C:\Users\workstation\Desktop\Apex Learning\3D Character Animation 1\Project 1\Animation.blend”](https://“C:\Users\workstation\Desktop\Apex Learning\3D Character Animation 1\Project 1\Animation.blend”)

Please share your file so that relevant advice could be given, as has already been suggested in your other topic:

Have you fallen before the dread “Local View”? Try hitting NUMPAD-/.

already tried that, it isn’t that

That’s a path to the file on your PC. If you want to share it, you can upload it to an external resource such as and post a link here. As has already been suggested in that other topic…

Very bad screenshot – you know there’s a SCREENSHOT facility in the WINDOWS menu of Blender?

Also, just upload your blend file here, on BA. You might want to PACK it first to make sure it works.

ok, how do I do that. I am trying to upload it but it says that the file is too big. also what does it mean to pack the file. sorry im a freshman and I am good with fixing/ setting up equipment when everything is still there, but not as good, as I have found out with this, with finding things when they have dropped off of the grid like this stuff. also I don’t know all that much about working with complex files. except for blender, but even that im no expert on

click this and then save the blend file. > Zip it > upload to google drive or somewhere, and share the link here

will packing the file change anything important. my teacher said not to move files because there are multiple files connected to it and if the file gets moved it can be bad. also when I go to press the pack all into .blend, it says that some images are painted on and that these changes will be lost. what does this mean

Simply don’t save over the original if you fear to lose something. After preparing file for uploading do a File -> Save Copy, instead of saving over your actual file, and quit afterwards just to be sure. But while in that save dialog, also tick the ‘Compress’ option in the bottom left, as that’d help reduce file size. As a new user here you may not be able to upload here (not sure why @Jeric_Synergy suggested that), use the

I have been trying to use the past all but i cant figure it out, i put the file into it, uploaded it, it says it is 19.3 MB but what do I do after that

I probably sound really dumb right now, sorry, please stay with me though, this is more help than my teacher was able to give me

Once you’ve uploaded it to pasteall, you should have a link to it in the address bar of your browser. Just copy it and post it here.

does this work

please don’t change too much if you change anything at all though, if this file breaks completely im doomed with my class.

FWIW, it crashes my 2.91 on load.

what does FWIW mean

We’re not going to change anything. So the problem is, as far as I understand it, is that file is supposed to be using assets linked from many, many other blend files. Which should all be in subdirectories of the Assets folder where your own file is. Have you moved the file or that directory?

@Jeric_Synergy come on, he’s on 2.79.

“For What It’s Worth”.

How was I supposed to know that?