Please help me make a ghost!

I’m trying to model a ghost. I have in mind a rather monk-like shape (hood, long skirt, etc) that should be semi-transparent and fuzzy round the edges. It will glide around without walking properly but I’d like the skirt to drag behind when it moves, otherwise it looks far too stiff.

So far I’ve made the shape and used a semi-transparent halo material to give it the fuzzy edges and the see-through effect. I’m struggling to get the skirt to drag, though. Since I’ve used a halo, I’ve had to use a lot of vertices, so it won’t be easy to just move the vertices around. I thought of making it a soft body, but I’ve looked at all the tutorials I can find, and the user manual, and I can’t work out how to apply soft body effects to just a group of vertices (ie the skirt). The stuff on “goal” confuses me. I’d welcome some pointers to get me started.

Or am I going about this totally wrong?

By the way, I have a simple armature inside so I can make the head and arms move.

Um. I know very little about softbodies, but if you put all the verts you don’t want to use in a vert. group, then click the little button by USE GOAL, select that vertex group, toggle the button, then every vert that isnt in that group should be effected by softbody.

Oh, that had a very weird effect! But now I’ve got the principle, I can work on the details. Thanks for your help!