Please help me make these more photo realistic

Dear fellow Blender enthusiasts, I’m pretty much a noob to Blender, been learning 3D using Blender since December.
Here are two renders of my first attempt at achviz. I’ve been tweaking this model for the last couple of days on a slow rig with lots of patience. The model is inspired by the Mora Estates from Swatt-Miers Architects.

Here are two renders for which I’m seeking critique, more specifically tips & tricks on how to achieve better photo-realism.

I’m looking forward to your comments.

Consider this guessing not advice, since I’m new and don’t know Blender much. But it’s basically better free 3dsMax. If this was Arnold/Max I’d say the image itself could benefit from Depth of Field lens to cast the far ground and sky in blur. Also an HDR lighting map for the sky with a touch of bloom/glow. God rays can be a nice lighting touch. Wind/motion blur on trees in back maybe. The stone map seems to missing something, but I can’t point it out. Props help, bike on the yard, is haphazard things about. And dirt! Water stain the bricks some. Dirt the drive way a bit. Dirt in seems and a weed or two. Fog touches or condensation on the glass if done lightly. Inner/outer reflection on Windows , especially the night ones. IDK… but that’s some to play with. Check some photographer tutorial about color gradient and lighting, dof - photographer stuff is insanely useful in 3d of all types. Oh Dew drop near a lake sometimes on plants.
Edit - Sorry, this is awesome BTW! It’s cool as heck and I wish I had the talent to make anything half this cool. You’ve done great so far. With at strong start, it’s just polishing and detailing now. Like Todd McFarland points out with out a solid foundation you’ve got nothing , but with great pictures the devil’s in the details. (Paraphrased, and he was promoting Spawn so don’t take the devil thing wrong.)
Ok sorry for the wordiness.


Hello. New as well, looks like this post is a bit old so I don’t know how valuable this is - what immediately jumps out to me is the textures. The red in the original picture is wood, in your render it’s looks a bit much like stone and it’s too rough. Light isn’t reflecting like it would in smooth wood and it’s too saturated.

The white stone doesn’t make sense either. The grooves are too deep and perfect. A real house probably wouldn’t use that, it would get dirty very quickly and overall darker as it weathers. I would either go for a smooth cement like texture, or add grime and darken it. (maybe very small, detailed pitted normal map)

Maybe considering mixing up geometry a little bit more and adding dirt. Surfaces feel too smooth, sharp, and meticulous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a perfect driveway.

Besides those things, I think it looks great. The lights in the background, down the hill are a good touch. The bushes and plant near the car are nice.