Please help me to add a vertex on the mesh

I want to add a vertex on the mesh…I referred some sites , I fount that
“ctrl+left mouse button” is using for adding vertiex. And I tried it. But The new vertex appeared on the free space(I mean 3d space) not any where on the mesh. Wat to do?.
:no: …Please help me…

You need to supply some meaningful info for someone to be able to easily answer your question.
Where do you want the vertex to be ?
Do you want to subdivide and edge ot just a vertex somewhere. ?
Show an image of what you have and what you want

Hello Richard,

I am unable to attach a pic from my computer. I would try to explain it as simple as possible. But can refer this link:-

I wish to draw free vertices on the mesh like as shown in the still image of that video.


This can only be done with the version of blender that is not released yet.
It has new modeling tools and the ability to create N-gons.*
You can’t do that with the official version of blender.

You can pick up a recent build at
And that’s not “Ctrl+Click”, it’s “K” (Knife)
Since these versions are not yet official, don’t expect them to be perfectly stable.

*In the new version the old Mesh system was rewritten to a one called Bmesh. Bmesh was in development for many years, which is the reason why there was no modeling tool development on the current mesh system (No one wants to code things twice)

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