Please help me to put character to empty and follow path.I am exhausted.(+blend fil

Hi guys. I dont wanna redo allof the empties in my scene since they have follow path constrans and animated after character finished follow path. Also all of my empties are childs of root bone of the character.

My goal is to put character to the “empty.UFO” location at frame 2219 and not only put but i want him to continue follow path at that frame. But instead of he jumps somewhere else at that frame. Set inverse of child of constrain doesnt help. What is kind of helps - is if i select root bone and press selection to cursor then he jumps to that empty but doesnt wanna stay there after…

Please help me. I am stack at this point for a long now and cannot continue my long animation/

Here is blend file -


If empties do not work, I think it would best to actually key frame the movement. Also, it would be best if you try and at least add in the mesh of the UFO so it can be visualized properly. But if you insist that you want to move on something restrictive, try using this link:

Or maybe using these links: