Please help me understand Boids / Blender 2.5

Does anyone have info on getting boids to work on blender 2.5? I’m following the tutorial for earlier Blender at…

…but it’s confusing. About the stage where I’m supposed to put in the logic for Goal / Crowd / Collision / Avoid etc I lose it because I can’t find these values. Attempting other friend / foe relationships does not seem to work either.

Anyone please point me to somewhere I can wise up on 2.5 boids?

I would like to make…

  1. Predator / Prey swarm
  2. Mass crowd run over hilly terrain.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

bump - Please someone, I need help with boids in 2.5.

I am lurking right over your shoulder!

One of mfoxdoggs videos included a demo of using boids in 2.5. Have a look at his site to pick out which one.

Hi Richard Marklew, could you be mistaken? The videos are rather long, and there are quite a number to sift thorough…

Among the several videos I’ve actually looked at, two ended up having particles, but I saw no boids:

I’m still lost on the things. This video is the best I’ve found; but the resolution is so bad it’s almost a poor joke. :frowning:
The manual page ( lists properties of boids butI’m confused by all the spherical fields and stuff… would like a really simple example of predator chase, and/or how to make a boid army run over a hilly landscape if some one would be so kind.

2.5 Tour #9 part 5 Cache Editing.

Have you popped over to Jahka’s blog?

Richard, thanks for narrowing that one down… I saw boids at the end and it’s hopefully just in time to be useful for my current project. Odd that I found (and picked for review) one called tour 9, but did not see “tour 9 part 5”.

Atom thanks also. I understand the proper name for the particle system is “Jahka Particles”… are they named after the owner of that blog?