Please help me understand how to make this smooth and proper

hey been trying to do the same thing over and over for a awhile now. i feel like i come into issues like this a lot and for some reason i dont understand how to do it. could anyone please help me with this? im trying to keep this curved part in my model trying to transition it proper but i make a mess everytime. also if you could help me im also trying to put 2 additional edges in, so it will be very sharp curve. but putting 2 more in that i already have is very bad.

my reference photo incase its not included in file i uploaded.-

Thing with small details on a curved surface is that the resolution needs to come up so that the control geometry can be included. If there’s an abrupt change in face size, that makes a hard detail. That is wanted on hard corners and edges, but if the face size is too big, also gives unwanted pinching on areas where the control geometry for those details needs to come from.

A diagonal edge, a turn, on a curved surface will cause pinching with large face size. With more geometry the face size decreases, and the length and angle it abrupts is less the more geometry there is defining the curvature.

Ideally you would want all details to be targeted for the same subdivision level, so that no one part on the model would use unnecessary geometry. But there are limitations to the current subdivision algorithm and toolset.

Of course, it’s also a compromise between the amount of geometry and control you have, and also how much pinching is acceptable, if you can hide it, fake the detail altogether, or take an artistic licence to make things easier.

One example of the detail with more geometry. You might be able to reduce the amount of loops and better fit the targeted SDS level of 2.
uspatch3blend.blend (121 KB)

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ok thanks a lot ive been working on what you gave me and ive been able to reduce the amount of edges and still have a good looking polygons. looking back and fourth on your model and my old one it really makes a lot of sense. my other one i knew something was terribly wrong but it makes a lot more sense looking at yours. so thanks a lot for helping me

by the way do you just make a rough shape of the model we had, put on sub surface and then accept to get all the extra geometry to work with? and then work on the curved part after deleting a few parts? ok thanks

Yes, I did it like that. It was faster for me that way. Removed the detail, organized a bit, added subdivision and applied the modifier, then worked on the detail.

But don’t start calling it subsurface because that’s way wrong. The default modifier name “Subsurf” doesn’t do any favours, but it’s Subdivision surface. SubD surface, or SDS for short

Subsurface indicates that something happens below the surface, such as Subsurface Scattering (SSS), which is a material property. Subdivision surface affects the surface itself.

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ok thanks man and ill stop calling it that