Please help me with stride in this blend file

Hi all, I was trying to setup my walk cycle for last 3 days using concepts from tutorial in

Whatever I try, I was not able to setup my stride properly. The armature does some basic walking, but any setting is not making it move correct amount. It always moves the full path. some one please help me to fix this. I am attaching the link for blend file. Thanks much in advance.

Few things; you need a “Char_bone”, your armature’s ‘Root’ bone (not to be confused with stride_root). This bone should have a (Loc-Y) cyclic IPO (like the top of Figure 2).

The Stride_Root bone (you call it StrideRoot) should have only a Loc-Y (like the bottom of Figure 2 [you can delete the other two]) which (in combination with the Char_Bone’s IPO) sets the length of each stride. As you have it set up now (even if you had the Char_Bone IPO set up right) would give you a stride length of around 60 BU’s. Try keep it between 1 and 5 and rather shorten the PathCurve (physically so your character doesn’t shoot off along it) or increase the PathLength.

Then in the NLA window change the Action icon to an NLA icon (click it) or it will only show the Action (and Stride only works in NLA).


Hi Fligh, Thank you very much for reply. I tried to understand your suggestion and try it out on my skeleton. But I am still confused… Here is what I understood. Please let me know if it is ok.

  1. Add a stride bone that points in direction opposite to movement of armature
  2. Enable the Stride Root option for the stride bone.
  3. At logical points of the walk cycle, add loc keys to stride bone in pose mode so that it is always aligned with left leg’s foot in first half of the cycle (left leg is anchor for first half of walk cycle) and is aligned with right leg’s foot in the second half of the cycle

That is what I did and I dont understand the thing further…My walk cycle action is of 50 frames… So do I need to change any of the strip end or repeat or any other parameters? do I need to increase Stride from 0?

Please help me…

As I said, the most important things are the two IPOs I mentioned. I suggest you download the .blends on Gimble’s tut and play with them. If you open two IPO windows, one with the Stride Bone pinned and the other with the Char Bone pinned and change the slope on the Stride Bone’s IPO, then you’ll see that it hijacks the shape of the Char Bone’s IPO. Once you click the Stride Path button the distance of each step that you keyframed becomes relative (your keyframes are just a reference) to the slope of the Stride Bone’s Loc-Y IPO.

BUT… your armatur doesn’t have a Char Bone (using Gimble’s name for it) which is central to the whole Stride concept!! Once you make one of your bones a Char Bone then, and only then, will your Stride Path have a reference to work from.


Hi Fligh, Thanks much for the help. I could now correctly do stride. That is a very nice feature :slight_smile: Thanks again…