please help me with this problem thank you!

ok well basically i need to make a “builder” program where the player can build with PVC pieces, i already got it to the point that the player can pick a piece and move it around. my problem is that i have no idea how i could make it so that blender knows

1-what kind of pipe it is(joint or pipe)
2-whether it orientated correctly to mesh with that piece
3-how to snap the piece into place when the player presses enter

any help is greatly appreciated!!!

peace all blender dudes and dudets…cmon there are girls that do this to!!

Nice idea. If you’ve started out simple, to experiment, you might have straight lengths of pipe at say 1, 2 and 5 metre lengths. You might have a straight joints and elbow joints that can only occupy integral locations. (Your pipes can actually be a little shorter to allow an elbow join without pipe sticking out)

This way there are a limited number of orientations that any piece can have. You can have these orientations already available for each piece. So that when you plonk a piece into your sim you can toggle it through it’s available orientations and then translate it one “unit” at a time until it’s in the correct position.

If you have a need to “fix” it in position you can make it a child of the object that you are attaching it to. Or give it a boolean property that forbids it from moving independently unless that property is changed. It might be that a particular piece of pipe is made the parent and you can reorientate or translate the entire build by way of the parent.