Please help me with walk.o.matic

I have dwnloaded walk.o.matic. I follow the instructions in the tutorial
exactly (i think) but when I attempt to run the script, it gives me an erroe
message: “ERROR: Python script error, check console” and it highlights this section of the script:"layer = proxy[0],layer. Please help me get this script working.

Check the console and tell us what the error message is.

The last version I have of that is 0.49.9 and it worked with Blender 2.25 and Python 2.0.1. So I doubt it’s going to work with 2.3x or 2.4x without a major overhaul.


updated :
use the zipped file, but replace the 49.7 script by the 49.8 .
works with blender 2.37a .