Please help me

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Im makin a game and im stuck on a few things…

  1. how do i make a wall that the character can’t pass through! (been trying for soo long!!)
  2. how do i make intelligent ‘enemys’?
  3. every time i start my game (ive tried in all the view modes) i have some things dissapearing and whats left turning bright white…what am i doing wrong?
    phew…lol…that was a mouthful…i have loads of questions really, as i started using blender not long ago…im doing well tho!
    (think ill ask them later! :-? )

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There is a collision detection built in in Blender, It comes by pressing button ‘ACTOR’ and ‘DYNAMIC’ having selected the main character. Collisions are detected via a sphere, so they are fairly primitive.

By coding in an expert system based on a bunch of multy-layer higly trained neural networks, I know people which ar doing their Ph.D. on this.

Seriously, you can’t make intelligent enermies, you can make them act as if they are intelligent. Code in three behaviours ‘aggressive’ ‘cautious’ and ‘fleeing’ and have them swithc behaviour on the basys of their ‘health’ an aggressive gets nearer and attacks, a cautious takes cover and attack, a fleeing flees.

To have them have a real strategy is HARD


YOu must make thing double sided to be visible from BOTH sides in the game engine, otherwise only the side with otward normal is visible (and can detect collisions)

Then you must vertex paint/UV texture all stuff. Game Blender ignores materials.

Happy blending


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wow!…thats helped alot!..i did try the circle thing but i did have a problem…my wall literally fell off the screen!..and then when i turned off dynamic it stayed put…is it all to do with the dampening butons and friction?
should i learn python to make a good game?..i found a good tutorial website to teach me how (…
im gonna play about with it and see what jappens…thnx alot stefano! :slight_smile:

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once you use dinamic the force of gravity make everithing which is an actor fall :slight_smile:

So you should place an horizontal plane which is NOT an actor which will be the floor of your animation.

Personally I never tryed to make a game but the general opinon out here is that you must know pyton to make a sophysticated game (and if you want to have enermies act intelligently then that is a sophisticated game :wink: )

Good luck


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Do i need any other programs for python??..i only have blender 2.24.
i know python is code but is it ‘fairly’ easy to use…it took me a month to learn how to use blender (mesh editing…lol) with no help…so i hope i can learn python that fast too!

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i’ve been playing around now for ages!..i just cannot get that darned wall to block anything!..i’ve played around with all the buttons…can someone please tell me what to do!

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Ok, the circle thing is only for your ACTOR, in other words the characters in your game you want the walls to block. TO make a wall block an ACTOR, go into face mode by selecting the wall and pressing ‘f’, select all faces with ‘a’, then go to the paint buttons. Make sure the collision button is pressed down, and then click on copy properties. Now the wall will look for dynamic actors and stop them from passing through. Keep playing around with things!

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if you still got problems with the collision with walls: you should go to the motion actuator of your main character(the one you control) and add some numbers to the force(try all,x,y,z…the one that makes what you want)you know where the force is on the motion actuator,right?well,that and the advice of the guys above should do it.anything else,please ask! he he! :slight_smile:

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You’ve all been, great thanx alot guys! making a little kind of mess about game for my first try…i’ll let you know how it’s going (and more questions :wink: )