please help me

(guru202) #1

I’m trying to bring IT soundfiles into my game using FMOD, does anyone
know how to do this?

(doogs) #2

wow that sounds cool! Try downloading Modplug Tracker and make it into a wav, then use some wav>mp3 convertor and see if you can do it that way. good luck, and if you find a way to make IT files play over it, lemme know! :wink:


(Fred_Pyo) #3

…wavs are the fastest, and easyest way known…

Anyone knows which Blender Version supports ADPCM (or something like that) compressed WAVS? They’re smaller. Was that version released? or it was a “to do” version?

(guru202) #4

Thanks doogs, I’ll be sure to let you know when I get this problem solved.

Fred, I think that wav is the only format supported by 2.23. Publisher (2.25) supports FMOD(?) mp3, wav, and ogg. And yes, wavs are the
easiest to use :slight_smile:

The only drawback to using wavs for a soundtrack, my purpose, is that
the music is static. I’m all about dynamically changing music that varys with each game event. There is only one game that I can think of that has made dynamic music with wavs, Urban Chaos. That game switched between alternate wav files and sounded dynamic. This is my plan B.

(saluk) #5

I made a mod-like demo using python once, it won’t actually load IT files and play them, but it uses an array of pitch levels and plays the WAV file (which is like one note) in time at different tempos to make the pitch higher or lower. In essence, it worked the same way an IT file does, except it didn’t have very many commands. If I was more experienced and knew more about IT files, I think it would be possible to load and play IT files if the instruments were stored as wav’s within the blend file.

I’ll post my little semi-working demo later if you like.

(S_W) #6

Would be cool! :stuck_out_tongue:

(saluk) #7

Yeah, I uploaded the demo. It sort of works, but I really like the song I made for it! The song I had before was really dumb, but this one kind of has a catchy ring to it. Not very long, but it’s fun.

It’s at the site.

For those who like to get things quick, here’s a QuickLink!

(joecool) #8

saluk, you make me sick :x you have a script you made for EVERYTHING! :wink:
keep up the good work :stuck_out_tongue:

(guru202) #9

Saluk! :smiley:

That PSEUDO MOD script is awesome!!! You are definately on the road
to becoming a master python scripter. Keep up the good work Semi-Master Saluk :wink:

Blender’s strength only lies in the creativity of its users.

(S_W) #10

I don’t think he’s only a semi-master… :wink:

(guru202) #11

you are right :o

(joecool) #12

I know you’re right :wink:

(saluk) #13

I love you guys!