Please help me ...

… i am getting this bug in the nodes window and was wondering if it is just my computer (it should be because this is such a huge bug). I am using OSX 10.5 (see screen shot).
I get this strange bug in the nodes that makes the small preview pictures in the render layer jump all over the place. I have also included the blend file that gives me this! The mesh that is linked is not included but you can still render the white background!

I also get this strange thing that the backdrop pictures does not update when I have rendered a new layer. So I need to choose the layer drop down again before it uses the new layer that has just been rendered,

I hope you guys with Macs can check this out. Thanks



From a Mac user, first thing I would do is update your Mac to 10.5.7 (go to the apple icon in the upper left corner).
Second thing I would do is update your Blender to 2.49a (they have the Mac version too now)
Let us know how it goes after that.

Ok, I did the update on both of them. But I am sorry to say that I have the same problem.
The small images are off, and when a layer is rendered it does not update before I choose it again in the dropdown :frowning:

Please do help me, this is annoying!!


Am I the only one getting these problems??


PS. please give me some help checking this out :confused:

I have now found out a little more what happens.
There are two lines in the node windows and the bug I am getting happens when I come outside of them. So my question is, can I make the space larger so I do not get this problem!? Or is this a bug or any other solution???

Thanks for helping me!!



No oneP? Is there anywhere I can post this so I can get help!?

Whats this, why is no one helping me???

Blender 2.5 will be out soon. You won’t have to worry about it much longer.
There will be something different to worry about.

I get some weird graphic glitches on my mac. More than likely a driver problem. If so there will probably nothing you can do about it unless Apple decide to change it. Blender 2.5 seems to be a lot better so just give it time until it is released.


Oh, right, I forgot about 2.5 :slight_smile:
Well alright then, I will wait for it, and as you said, there will
probably be loads of new stuff that will not be working :wink: