Please help me!!

Hi guys.

I may be incredibly stupid, but how do I duplicate the spring in the blend bellow? The spring is grouped, and if I add the spring group with shift+a, the duplicated follows the movement of the original. One way is to open another .blend file and append the spring group various times, but that’s a horrible way to do it.
If I use dupligroups the duplicates follow the original, and if I apply the dupligroups the parent-children hierarchy is destroyed, and the spring stops working. Please help me

Just to be clear, what I want is to get various springs, each one independent of the other.
Please help me guys, I’m going crazy:spin::spin::spin:

PS:There is already a thread on this, but since no one even clicked it, I had to create this one with maybe a more “interesting” title. Sorry for the “spam”, but I’m really desperate.


don’t create linked duplicate

use “shift D” instead of “Alt D”
also make sure that all the spring parts are selectable before you duplicate

God bless you. I hadn’t noticed some parts weren’t selectable in the viewport. And when I selected them in the outliner it gave strange results. Thank you very much man.