Please Help! - Mesh spasms out when working on it

Hi there. I am using a pre-made and free base mesh on trying out how to model simple objects.

But I encountered a problem when trying in edit-mode to change my works. Everytime I change some points a whirl of intertwining chaos happens.

Why does this happen and how can I avoid this in the future?

Should I post the file itself too?


Yes, please post the file. It will easier that way for all of us.

Its quiet the mess but I was working on the “boot” when I just hit exit in frustration. So I think anyone can re-create that error when trying to work on the boot mesh or any mesh I think.


ModelBaseMesh (642 KB)

X-mirror and topology mirror options are on, disable those.

Tutorial linked in my signature shows how to prepare a .blend for upload. No need to .zip it.

That was fast. Thank you!