PLEASE HELP! MouseLook Broken??

Hello. I am running on a MacBook Pro and I am making a game called “Reflex”. It’s a FPS Sci-Fi Quake type shooter with a mirrors edge look.

So I downloaded the latest script and linked it like it should be. But when I move the camera, it flips out and shakes and becomes all disoriented. I emailed the creator of the script and he said he had no idea what was causing it and said ya’ll might be able to help me.

Here’s the .blend:

To cause the problem, go to scene: Map 1, and play the game from the camera view. Then move the camer up as if your looking up and that should cause the camera to flip out.

Thanks. -Jake

The first problem with your game is that (at least for me) your shaders are completely messed up, and I can’t see anything at all. After removing the ssao shaders, I could finally see.

You’ll notice that the funkyness is angle based: if the player is looking upwards of horizontal, things mess up. Otherwise, it works as it should.
Something is wrong with the rotation cap when the camera is parented to things. Don’t ask me what as I don’t fully understand the code. Even though the cap value is set to ‘false’ the numbers still have some effect.

Applying the scale of the cube the camera’s parented to helps slightly.

But on the whole, I have no idea why this is happening.

I would recommend finding another mouselook script, there are plenty scattered over the forums. (or, even better, writing one yourself (so you understand how it works))

I messed around with the code a bit, and it is an issue with the MouseMove script. I’m not sure why it’s happening - never encountered this problem before.

Sorry for the inconvenience. What you could do in the meantime is rotate the player object around 180 degrees on the Z axis, and apply the rotation ( Ctrl + A > Rotation ), then rotate it back 180 degrees to face the way you want it to. I’ll work on fixing this problem.

Thanks, When you find a fix let me know!