Please Help my character modeling

I’m getting real sick of going to model a character only for them to turn out looking like sh*t. It’s really frustrating because I have definitely gotten worse. When I started learning, my stuff didn’t look great but it at least looked appealing, Now all my work looks terrible and its really unmotivating.

I keep taking longer gaps from modeling because I am so unmotivated due to how bad everything looks.

Sometimes it’s good to take a break,
it doesn’t look that bad,

Ty for being nice, but I think looking back what happened is that I’m feeling burnt out with art, also straying too far from my concept art.
Good news is next semester I’ll be taking a 3D modeling corse, tbh this was a half vent half asking for advice lol

I think you use poly modelling? I would then advise to let the details out at the beginning.

For example, you just start with a sphere for the head and a cylinder for the mouth area. Connect them and try to get a great basic shape form. Later you add the eyes, the mouth and the teeth.

The more time you spend on the basics, the easier it will be to detail it. The teeth are compared to your concept in front of the mouth and not framing it. The ears are good and match the reference.

I think sculpting can be more fun, but only with a tablet, but that would also require some extra steps after it. If you have a tablet, i would try that.

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Sculpting_Test.blend (3.2 MB)
I think sculpting is the way to go in this case. I’m not a great sculptor but managed to do this in about 30 min, and having some fun at the same time.

I recently watched this video and it helped understand how to maneuver around when you are a beginner.

Blender Tutorial - How to sculpt stylized character head

File attached for you to play with if you want to mess around with it. Good luck and hope that helps a bit. Happy Holidays!!

By the way, yours was pretty good. Just take your time.

Posts like these are a real hard nut to crack because while they make me want to help the OP (I’ve been there) it’s also obvious the problems he’s facing aren’t just with the tools and the craft (“half vent half asking”). If you are tormenting yourself over getting something done and your mind is doing everything in its power to stop you, there’s probably something else you should be doing right now. If you can figure out what that is and do it, I believe it will help, but be prepared you most likely will have to go through uncomfortable territory. I could go on for paragraphs, but I’m already making too many assumptions.

The model looks good for a gaming purpose. Though it needs some corrections.
Consider the following points

  1. Don’t follow Front and side reference images, because there may be some little disproportion in the drawings. So don’t look into detailing as shown in the reference images. Just follow the mesh boundary and your assumption (especially - Eyes, mouth, nose, ears).
  2. Breakdown the areas into simple primitives and start detailing - Model ears and head and neck separately then combine at the end.
  3. Follow the modeling stages - Blocking shapes, medium-detail, Hi-detail.
  4. Know shortcuts for the right tools -helps speed up the process
  5. Take a break and don’t strain too much, otherwise you end up to finish the model with incomplete details.
  6. If you are good at sculpting, sculpt base mesh, retopo, then give details.
  7. Check for mesh normals, check mesh uv using checker tiles so that you can add details in the mesh for necessary areas.

Hope these will help you.
Happy Blendering!!