Please Help! Nodes Editor Blurring/pixelating 3D object

i need to make the 3D object slightly pixelated/blurred to match the footage that im combining it with. Right now the 3D object (a helicopter) looks way to clean and has crisp edges… i need to make it look poorer quality.
How do I do this in the nodes editor, or is there a different section i should be doing it in?

Have you tried using the blur node?

which options should i select?

i would maybe scale it slightly lower than your scene and then back to the original size.
should look a bit like this:

add a scale node and set it to 0.5
then add another and set it to 2

EDIT: just thought, set the second node to render size, then you can change the first to whatever you want without having to adjust the second

i tried the blur node but i couldnt get it to work for me…

so the node order would be
renderlayer image connect to- scale node .5 image connect to- scale node 2 image connected to- composition
it that the right order?

could you post a screen shot (prt scrn) showing the order it should be in?

i attached a picture of how i have it now…


never mind, i got it
do you guys think these match?

also, can anyone explain the light blue ring around the helicopter?


You’re using an AlphaOver node, right? Try enabling the Convert Premul check box.

i figured it out
all i had to do was turn of Oversampling (OSA) and it removed the outline…
now i just need to figure out how to have particles cast a shadow (for a different scene than the one picture above…)

yeah that’s good. sorry i forgot to check this thread :stuck_out_tongue: