Please Help! Numerous Video Sequencing Questions!

I got a lot of problems with this sequencer.

First off, I don’t think Blender can apply two effects to the same clip without glitching, ( eg, Add filter and Cross filter ) and to counter this I apply one effect, then render it all into one big clip, and add more effects a second time. However, AVI RAW wont allow me to have a file bigger than 4 GB, so I tried Xvid FFMPEG codec, now its really screwing up, sound is off, filters aren’t even showing up at all, what is wrong with this thing! I have no idea what to do! This sequence editor seems so glitchy to me. Or maybe I’m just doing it wrong.

Not sure if you treid this but, have your rendered your videos into separate images? Wiki manual last 2 paragraphs.

A) you are correct blender has a very hard time coping with more than one overlapping effect. Actually, I don’t think that I’ve ever managed to make in work.

B) Do NOT render intermediate files to Xvid codec! The amount of frustration you will cause for yourself is incredible! Render to Xvid when you want to make a test render for your friends and you don’t want to take up a lot of space on the jump drive. Otherwise shy as far away from codecs of all kinds as much as possible! Especially avoid complex codecs like Xvid.

Instead of using up all of your hard drive space (and having to deal with the stupid 2 gig limit) by rendering to RAW AVI files do the following:

  1. create a fresh folder.
  2. Render to this folder.
  3. Render to either Jpeg or PNG images.
  4. Open new blender sequencer window.
  5. Load images from folder. (right click the folder)
  6. Edit it, along with other stuff (Important: adjust your render size to 25% when editing. Then, before rendering change it back to 100% this will add speed)
  7. Render it out to whatever. (this is where you can use Xvid)

Using blender for video editing is not the easiest thing to do. In the beginning it can be rather painful.

I have found that the Huff free codec works ok. It gives AVI files ~30% filesize compression without image loss.
A better approach might be to create a bunch of textures and use the composite nodes to mix it all together.
I hear the next version of blender is supposed to have a lot mode composite nodes, hopefully in the form of more effects and filters.

I agree that xVid and Divx are not good codecs to use for video editing. After Effects will not even recognize them.
Some video editors have recommended the "Black Magic: codec. I tried it and was not impressed.