Please help, python script window,fonts are illegible?

Hi, I am new to blender. I recently downloaded 2.42a. So far no major problems. However, when I click ‘help’ on the user prefences bar and then ‘hotkey and mouse action reference’ it takes me to the python script window. Everything inside this window is written in an illegible font. Is this normal/necessary or is there some way to remedy this? I can sort of make out the words but it would be nice if it were in a clearer font. I’ve searched these forums as well as the wikibooks for relevant info, and I couldn’t find any. Perhaps I am the only one who thinks this is a problem:confused: . Thanks for any help.

First time I’ve ever heard of it being isolated to the scripts window. Try turning off any native hardware acceleration or support apps for your Video Card running in the background. Try different Drivers (the latest are not always the best), make sure you don’t have shadows on the mouse pointer, and iff all else fails try turning down Hardware Acceleration on your system or change the Color Depth in Display Settings.

If nothing helps and you come back for help bring your OS and Video Card specs with you so we know what we’re guessing about.