Please help report 'Blender 3D Crack' videos on YouTube

I noticed a lot of ‘Blender 3D Crack’ videos on YouTube this week that are obviously a way to get malware on people’s computers. Please help report them to get this taken down - this hurts Blender’s reputation.

I selected the Spam / Scams or Fraud option and entered ‘Blender is free and open source; this video links to malware’ as the reason.


Just think of the person doing all of these

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Yeah… And they’re quite active too - I see new ones being uploaded every 15 minutes or so.


I done that just few week ago… :slight_smile:

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The sad thing is that it’s complicated because, I looked at the user profiles, and they look like hacked profiles, with the crack installing Active X for windows, luckily I stopped using Windows more than 10 years ago.

Here YouTube should intervene, because this type of application is harmful, and there are similar Cracks for the most used software.

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Yeah my hope is that ‘the machine’ will pick up the pattern once enough videos have been taken down, and that new ones will be automatically prevented from getting published.


I have also noticed a lot in previous week one with tiger thumbnail. But this kind of video is common. If you search in YouTube you see this after some scrolling but you will mostly see this type of scam video if you filter the YouTube search upload date either last hour or today. Unfortunately we can’t do anything against it even we report bunch of these. They have a bunch of bot account. Only YouTube can do anything and i think they doing something like introducing YouTube Handles and minimizing the special characters in name therefore it’s make harder to setup bot. But anyway here are the SS of mine.


In my opinion, reporting them won’t help with anything, here is why:

  • A person who sees a thumbnail with the word “crack” on it and “intentionally” decides to click on it can only blame himself for trying to get something the “illegal way”, his mind is already twisted enough to decide to go that route.

  • If you type “blender crack” and filter by upload date “today” you will get 12 blender related “cracks” on 12 different channels, but what is most interesting is that you also get a total of 129 results including zbrush, marvelous designer, houdini, etc cracks all on 129 different accounts all of which are hacked accounts, you report 4 or 5 now and 50+ more spawn in the next hour by their bots.

  • people’s time is better spent doing something productive, rather then fighting an army of bots “manually”…

The best way to fight them is to ignore them (there are browser extentions that let you filter certain keywords/channels if you don’t want to see them “polluting” your search results).

Notice the time difference between the last real owner upload and the bulk of bot uploads.

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Not to sound mean but…

Are people dumb enough to want a crack for a free program that has no locks on it? What is there to crack? No wonder we use the word “Smart” for so many products (smart phones, smart TV’s, smart water)… people are stupid. :rofl:


I’m going to come in and disagree with most of you- reporting problematic content is effective, and as it’s our only real weapon against the algorithms that drive much of our culture, I would go so far as to say it’s essential. It doesn’t matter if you would personally be taken in by this scam or not- if that was the guiding principle of our society, charities wouldn’t exist, police officers wouldn’t exist, heck, restaurants wouldn’t exist. Society would instantly collapse if we only cared about problems that affect us personally.

This isn’t about you, it’s about some poor grandma who heard her grandson wants to “play Blender” and has no idea what that means. Get over yourselves and be empathetic citizens- we all have a duty to stop bad content, even if our efforts seem small.


A poor grandma who knows how to install software and decides to download it from a link in a youtube video…

I’m not against fighting the bad guys, but I wouldn’t ask ppl to dig a well with a spoon when there are well drilling machines, (YouTube and the bots are the one with drilling machines right now).

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What I found interesting is that google doesn’t seem to use their algorithm to filter out stuff like this…
Blenders brand might not be intimidating enough to give them motivation but the exact same content with basically all of the industry software is also there.
Shouldn’t they provide google with ample motivation via their lawyers?
Why can google automatically identify a licensed piece of music, but they can’t recognize a pattern that is depended on a simple word combination.
Both crack (the drug) and software cracks are “controlled substances” and the bots releasing videos about it (in that high and obvious frequency) should be under observation of their bots and dealt with fast and effectively.

Yeah, but many people got stupid by using “smart” products. Its as if the product is stealing the smartness from the user - of course there are always those who can’t be robbed as they have nothing…


i remember someone was selling “Blender” in a market :sweat_smile: and we reported that and that post got removed


Totally agree :+1:

Well, I have another suggestion. What about creating a Youtube video saying “THERE’S NO CRACK FOR BLENDER, BLENDER IS FREE!”? We all could like the video making it become a top video there.
It could serve as a Banner alert for everyone looking for cracks for Blender.

We could also upload the same video several times.


That’s a great idea. Rather than beg the company or system to do something use the system to do it. Part of asymmetric warfare. Make the enemy’s resources your resources. Enough posting, watching, and liking and the YT system will increase the video’s visibility.

Before the web, before home computers, I knew the phone numbers of countless friends and relatives. Now I barely remember my own.


Inspiring to read this
You picked your avatar wisely i see :wink:


You should know I typed this (and everything else today) in a fully handmade Nightwing costume, head to toe, including the sticks, my wife and I had a trunk or treat this evening so we wore our costumes all day. Maybe what you wear influences you more than you’d think :wink: