Please help ! Seem to lose tex. On export to dae ?

I’d like to send someone my obj file that comes into blender textured but loses ??? the texture on dae export ? Do I have to bake it ? I just need this model from 123d catch (obj) to be able to be used in SoftPlan…or even Sketchup ?
Any one willing to take my file and send it back import ready ?

Why won’t anyone help ??

You need to pack the textures into the file.
file>external data>pack all

This didn’t seem to work ? Could someone please just do this for me if I send them my model ?

Just tested this method, exported to sketchup and the textures shows up correctly there

Unsure the image texture is applied to the objects material and mapped to its UV coordinates
Save your blend file
Pack all your textures in the blend file (External Data / Pack all into .blend file)
Save your blend file
Unpack all your textures (External Data / Unpack all into files, Use files in current directory). All the textures should now be in a Textures folder in the same place as your saved blend file.
Save your blend file
Export the objects as a .dae file. ensure you enable Selection Only and the Texture Options in the .dae export settings.