Please help speed this animating up.

Hi, im pretty new to blender, and somewhat new to 3d. I set out to practice on the ol’… lamp and ball thing. The problem is, it took me 7+ hours to render this, so, im kind of stuck with what I have, instead of moving forward. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions to speeding the rendering up, or to why its soooo slow, that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi here is a handy link re render times

Are you using 2.4 or 2.5? The render times on the latter are ridiculously faster.

Good looking scene.

As you are working on the animation, you can switch a 3d viewport to ‘camera view’ (0 on the numpad) and use the ‘OpenGL render active viewport’. The buttons for this are in the menu bar of the 3d view. One renders current frame, the other renders the animation. It’s not really a render, it’s more a screenshot of each frame in your animation. It renders really fast and allows you to see what the finished animation will look like when played back at your fps. This way you can check out the timing of your clip without having to wait 7hrs for a render. It won’t allow you see what the lighting or materials will look like in your final render since it doesn’t actually do light calculations.


This is 2.49. Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. Reading over the 13 ways now.

Seeing you are relatively new to blender I think you should consider moving to 2.56. It takes a little while to familiarise with the new features. You will however find it is the best thing you can do to reduce render times, more than tenfold in my experience.

Thats probably a good idea anyway. Better to make that transition now.

Amazing!! Blender 2.56 renders an image in this vid in about 10 seconds, compared to… oh I dunno 1 minute or so in 2.49. Its hard getting use to the new interface, but WOW!

Yeah it’s a big carrot…