Please help, When I click bake on a material the diffuse doesn't bake?

I was trying to bake this material with rust & metal in it, using the tutorial here:

When I tried to bake the Diffuse texture of it, i got nothing but black paint on the UV Map.

But when i try to Bake a simple PBR, i get the correct diffuse

How do i fix this?

Hi Peter,

The diffuse is not rendering becasue there is no Diffuse Shader in the nodes. I downloaded the file linked in the video, and all the shaders are Glossy, so if you want to get the ‘colour’ you’ll need to set your Bake Type the glossy instead.


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May i ask what about the color they have? like the red, brown (rust) ,and white(metal)? how do i bake them into image textures?


Bake exactly as you normally do, but you have to select the Glossy channel, because that is where the colour information is being generated . . .


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