Please help with animation timing.

Hi all,

I’m stumped! I’ve been wrestling with this for days. I rendered 1800 frame animation twice now and still can’t seen to overcome a rotation reversal illusion. :frowning:

I have a cylinder/ring and several small cylinders/rollers around the outside of the cylinder/ring. The rollers orbit the ring at a high rate of speed. I’m rendering this at 60fps x 1800 frames. The problem is I can’t seem to overcome the reverse rotation illusion and as this is part of a technical/mechanical demo it is vital that I get it right. I’m donating my time to help but I only have so much time to donate.

Please, if you know the math and can figure this out, it is much appreciated. What is the maximum number of rotations I can squeeze into 1800 frames at 60fps while avoiding the reverse rotation illusion? Thank you.

(The .blend is too large to upload if you need it let me know and I’ll email it or upload it to my own host.)

I guess it depends on the number of elements orbiting the center… just a thought. I also think that rendering only two consecutive frames should be enough to tell if it is working or not. And at 60 fps you are rendering fields, so results could be different on a player that deinterlaces the video.

hope this helps :expressionless:

Thank you, it’s something to keep in mind and therefore helps.

I have 32 cylinders orbiting with one unit spacing between each. I have been thinking that it may be easier to edit the video cutting out sections that appear to reverse. It’ll make the video jumpy in places and is certainly not my preference. :confused: