Please help with Changing influence for all textures

Hi guys, So here’s the story

I have imported the entire city from gta san andreas.The textures came through perfectly,apart from one thing.

The diffuse color in the influence panel for each texture needs to be switched on.

I found a bit of code that can switch on shadless for every material;

for item in
#Enable “use_shadeless”
item.use_shadeless = True
but i cant get a similar thing to work for my problem

i can type in ( bpy.context.object.active_material.texture_slots[0].use_map_color_diffuse = True)
but this only does it for the active material.

If there was a way to do this for the influence on each texture it would be a great help.
I manually did it for vice city and liberty city,but san andreas is massive .

Please help, and thankyou.

something like this
for item in

item.use_map_color_diffuse = True  

but it doesnt work.

Couldn’t get it working.I think i just need to learn python properly.Thanks anways.