Please help with fps controls?

So I am kind of new to blender 2.57 and the problem I am having is that I just started making an FPS and so I parented the gun to the camera but the gun follows the camer a in a weird way.
Srry for bad quality of video but can someone please help me?

You have to parent the camera to the gun, reverse it. To clear the parent select both and press ALT + P

no that doesn’t work. Cuz then the controls don’t work and If I change the controls to the gun then the controls are way different.

I actually have an FPS and it works perfectly for me. I can’t play the video, link doesn’t work, use youtube.

Also use a mouselook script for FPS, so that you can look 360 degrees.

Oh one more thing! make sure your camera is right behind the gun, on the same level, if it’s high up in the sky or far away, it won’t work right.

Yea it usually works for me just on this strange occurrence it has happened.