Please help with geometry nodes and set position


Please, I need some help with this. I’m trying to morph my mesh using geometry nodes and set position. However I want to achieve this on top of a deformed mesh. I am trying to take the normals into account, however the set position doesn’t fully align with the blendshape I’m trying to morph to. Here is a blend:
postSculpt_001.blend (1.3 MB)
Please if someone can tell me how the math behind it is done right, I would highly appreciate it.


Alright, I give up on here. Seems like a problem impossible to solve

What are you trying to achieve? It is not really obvious from your description…

Thanks so much for your reply. I’m trying to add blendshapes on an already deformed mesh. Especially an imported alembic. Since the alembic overrides vertex position, I will have to add shapes after alembic modifier. My problem is now, that I don’t know how to “attach” the blendshape deformation to the object normals correctly.

I believe you need to transfer the indices position. One criteria is that both shapes have the same amount of indices.


hey, yeah, both objects have the same indices. In the blend file I attached there is a simple expample of the issue. I do get my deformation as such, however when I try to convert it to tangent space, the deformation is off. I simply don’t know enough about vector math, also geometry nodes is a very new area to me

Hm, i tried again all day today but just can’t manage to convert the deformation to tangent space. Where else could i ask for some help ?

Yessss i finally managed. Can do now Sculpt on top of alembic. Next step is to make it an addon and automate repetitive tasks

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