Please help with modeling method?

Good day everyone - I am new to Blender, but am familiar with 3D programs for architecture.
However, please could someone assist with best method of modeling this squeeze bottle(see attached image), more specifically the side extrusions/lips that fade/merge into the bottle.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi. What exactly do want to achieve? Could you post am image of the wire-frame of the model and not a render?

Hi Stamos - This an image of a real squeeze bottle that I am trying to replicate in Blender. I am trying to achieve the ribs, as seen on the side of the bottle.

First you block out the the silhouette of the bottle and then you add the details. Have a look at this tutorial to get an idea

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Model the ribs first, either poly by poly or perhaps by extruding a spline.

Filling in the rest should be trivial.

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As you can see there different approaches. You have to practice to find which way suites you most.

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here is sample file for the ribs
did not do the top twisted part

bottle-rib1.blend (512.2 KB)


you can adjust transp in nodes set up
and on mat panel for the viewport

done using the spin tool with bottle cross section

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You can just extrude some of the side areas to create that shape.

Thank you!! I will try this. I had first done a torus shape, to match the ribs, used union to join the ribs with the bottle and then delete the nodes from there.
Very time consuming and did not come out as neat as I wanted!

Thanks for your advice, I will try this method. However, how would one then blend the ribs in with the bottle? As you can see on the image the ribs do not go across the whole bottle?

Thank you, I will give this a go! I had first modelled the bottle, without the ribs, then created a torus object to match the rib shape, then used union and difference tools to cut and merge the 2 shapes.
Very time consuming and end result wasn’t neat!

Topologywise you probably do not want to extrude these things. The resulting edge flow is not correct for an object like this.
I do not know how to properly explain this, though.

This is how I have tried to do the ribs, BUT now sit with the issue of the having the torus shapes still visible inside the bottle!

It can be easy done with modifiers and a vertex group:
ripple_bottle.blend (128.7 KB)


i don’t have latest BL ver
so can you upload it in 2.79 or 2.9

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Sorry, i dont have <3.0 versions installed anymore.
But the preparation is easy, take a cylinder, loopcut enough geometry, squish it, select every 2nd loop and assign them to a vertex group. The trick is to restrain the simpledeform as in the screenshot before for the unwanted axes. You could also tweak the selection by sparing some parts in the middle.

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Thank you, thank you, Thank you!! This has worked best and slightly simpler (after watching many tutorials). So I will model the ribs on the cylinder first and then model the shape of the bottle afterwards.

Thanks again!

Thank you!!!

It is not complete. It’s just another idea. Even though the solution from rigoletto is neater.