Please help with rigging issues

So I’m new with blender and just finished making a character for my unity game!

I made the mistake of following different youtube tutorials at different times so I did things in a weird order that ended up throwing me off. I’m having an issue where I can’t rotate my characters foot from side to side…I think something is wrong with the kinematics.

Unfortunately I can’t attach a file but I have a link to google docs if you’d like to take a look at it.

I know theres probably a bunch of things not working well like the body going through the clothes and if anyone has any advice on that I’d appreciate it.

Thank you

It would be good to know what version of blender you were using, too.

I am using the latest version of blender through Steam. Thank you

So I selected the foot bones and inverted x and y instead of z on the copy rotation constraints. Seems to do it.

Thank you very much for the reply. I will check it out once I get home!! Do you know what a good way to get the body from clipping through the clothes objects?

Reading your opening post again I think I misunderstood your confusion. You are supposed to rotate the IK bone at the back of your foot. What I mentioned above just makes the rotation work in a more intuitive manner.

Also, you will want to move the IK bones head to the same location as the foot bones head. As it is now if you go from edit mode to pose mode you see the legs snap to the IK bones.

Thank you. I think I follow what you are saying. So if I move the IK bones in edit mode that should fix the issue?

Yes, move them in edit mode so that your foot isn’t jumping around when switching to object or pose mode.

But for rotating the foot, just as moving the foot you would move the IK bone in pose mode.

Ok got it. Thank you! That was really helpful

As for the mesh clipping through the clothes, since you are looking to use it in a game engine I’d say just delete the parts of the mesh that wont be visible.

If you have an equipment system you can just create multiple meshes for the different configurations. Load a relevant mesh for the config. If player has no armor or shirt on then load the mesh that doesn’t have the chest deleted.

Ok great that makes sense. I’ll have to look into how to do that in unity with switching meshes but that sounds like what I want to do.