Please help with setting up blender - error messages

‘import site’ failed; use –v for traceback sys_init:warning – no sitedirs added from site module.


nVidia OpenGL Driver

Driver components mis-match. Exit is the only option.

I have dl the most recent blender version, and get the above error message. What does this mean? and how do I put it right?

I have been through the knowledge base Q’s and there are some similar probs reported there but no solutions??

So I apologise for having to ask a Q that you may have answered a zillion times already. But i would really like to get this sorted.

I am running win XP, and leadtek WinFast A340T GeForce FX5200. I have updated the dirvers?

Any ideas?

on my console, it always says this

‘import site’ failed; use –v for traceback sys_init:warning – no sitedirs added from site module.

and it still works.
i’m not sure what your problem is but i will look around.

problem is that blender can’t find an installed version of python. Now you can either ignore the message and just don’t use any python scripts or you can go to

and download and install python, the message will go away and you will be able to use python scripts.

the first error says there’s no python (the scripting language blender uses) installed. don’t worry abt that now, blender will work despite of that.

the second problem is a openGL/driver issue. i don’t know what exactly it is (though the error message is not unknown to me).

what i’d try is: completely removing the nvidia drivers - there’s a tool for doing that (google). then installing the latest drivers. then tweaking the settings - antialiasing off. maybe decreasing degree of hardware acceleration (somewhere in wodows system settings…), though that shouldn’t be neccesary.

Thanks for all the replies sofar.

That driver suggestion sounds v complicated, and I am aprehensive about the tweeking and stuff in case it messes up settings for other programmes I have. Strange I only get this error for blender and one other application which is java???

There doesn’t seem to be a choice for running blender, as the nvidia error that comes up tells me exit is only option.

Might help:

there’s a link to the OpenGL FAQ on there too.


Hi, thanks fligh %

unfortunately the first link I can only get to view one of the pages, and got page not available for others. So i did not understand what I was looking at and how it related to the probs I am having loading blender.

The second link had some interesting further links on it. But I am disapointed because it sounds like I’ve got to start learning loads of techy stuff about openGL, python etc… in order to work out why I can’t get blender to work:(

I have found the python zip file in blender and unzipped it, I optimistically thought the problem would be solved, but NO, still getting the driver error??

(though the error message is not unknown to me).

solmax please explaine further, like i say I get this error only on two applications blender and java?

as i said - forget abt python in the first place. this has nothing to do with your OpenGL troubles. “…is not unknown to me” just means “i’ve seen that”. unfortunately, i can’t remember in which particular situation or how i solved it, and even if it was openGl related. it’s just one of the many cryptic windows (no, other OS’s aint better) error messages i’ve came across.

the driver “solution” i offered may sound complicated, but it’s one way of at least trying to solve your problem. so, don’t hesitate, just do it. for some reason tweaking windows requires quite often messing with settings, removing files, installing and re-installing drivers, hacking the registry or disabling features windows claims to be “…essential for security” or such. BTW, as i say this, it just comes into my mind - disable the system recovery feature. sometimes it prevents proper driver installation (only because windows claims a piece of signed software is the right piece, doesn’t mean it really is. but system recovery sometimes replaces the new files WITHOUT asking you with the old ones).

so: disable SR. download latest drivers. remove Nvidia drivers with the tool (search for that). restart. after reboot, xp will ask you anyway for drivers for a new harware found (yes, your FX5200). install the new drivers. disable anti-aliasing and such… sorry can’t tell you more, i stopped using windows 3 months ago - i don’t miss anything, and memories vanish quite fast.

As others have said, do NOT worry about python. It is not your problem.

Before you install new drivers, try playing with your settings. Turn off anti-aliasing, turn down acceleration, maybe reduce color depth.

There are a number of threads here on elysiun and on forums dealing with just this sort of opengl problem.


Thank you all for your replies. I have fixed the openGL problem (although I am not sure how exactly?), and blender is loading and seems okay, going to look at the tutorials.

For the benefit of anyone else who gets the nvidia openGL mismatch problem, I opened the driver panel and simply updated the drivers. I am guessing that what i failed to realise when I dl the driver updates from nvidia, i wasn’t aware that I had to do that also??

maybe I am wrong on that analysis, like i said i don’t exactly understand how i got it working??

anyway it is and that’s great and looking forward to learning all about it :smiley: