Please help with skydome texture

Hey :),

I try to make a racetrack based on the tutorial of Daniel Sefton.
For the sky dome I use a half icosphere which I have placed around my scene.
I selected all the faces, opened the uv image window and opened up the sky texture.
Then I made a UV calculation ( U -> Cylinder from view).
Then I went back to the UV image and scaled and grabbed the net so it fits the picture.
After several attempts (and hours) of scaling and grabbing, I still having overlapping problems.
What did I wrong?
Can someone help me?
I have the Blender file included.

note : I use Blender 2.46

thanks a lot,
Jo Dendauw


racetrack_part6_6_with sky dome.blend (861 KB)

The issue with the textures you are experiening is that they don’t tile seamlessly, try a tutorial on that, this one’s great, it’s for Photoshop though, I don’t know if you use PS or not.

Anyways, another solution is mapping your texture a different way, you could do the UV using “unwrap” in which case you’d need to make your texture fill a circle.

Have you considered just throwing away the dome and using an angular map on the background? It works well.

Mystic Dragon used this technique for the sky in the video at this link.

The problem is really solved when I render it.
But in the Game Engine mode, I don’t see the skymap.
What I have to do now?