Please help with the 'Fun with nurbs' tutorial

I’ve been going through the tutorials on in order (for the most part), and I’m now on the ‘Fun with nurbs tutorial’. The tutorial can be found here:

I run into trouble starting with the ‘Working towards the nose’ section. I can either not get it to subdivide, or it does and I get more CV’s than the picture shown. I’m also not quite sure why the tutorial’s ‘Adding an extra curve’ pic has changed into the shape it has (certainly not from just adding the extra curve).

The next problem I have is the actual shaping of the thing. The tutorial just says to select CV’s and move them. Well, this gets pretty frustrating when you can’t make them into anything. It seems to me like this is the most important part of the tutorial, but it’s jumped over with a few sentences.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time, people.

Mistake I made repeatedly when I did this tutorial is I was adding Curves and not Surface curves. Huge difference. I’m thinking this might have affected your subdividing too.

Yes, they kind of missed some wording that might have helped, but if you look at the images carefully, you should be able to follow along.

If you look at the “Our setup” image, there is 4 “columns” of “vertices”. Now look at the next image, “Adding an extra curve”. There is still 4 “columns” of “vertices” (so the extra curve has not been added yet when the screen capture was made), but of greater importance is the fact that the column of “vertices” that was the left-most column earlier has been pulled back on itself (Just like you may roll up your socks prior to storing them in your dresser drawer), so that it is now the right-most column. Then the extra curve is inserted between what are now the two outer-most columns of “vertices” in order to better shape/define the nose area.

Thanks for the help, guys! Shockingly, I did have the right kind of curves. My main problem seemed to be coming from the left-most column being pulled back on itself. The rest of the tutorial went smoothly after that.

Although, for some reason my columns of vertices had only 3 versus their 5, but I finished it nonetheless. If I decide to work on it more, I’m thinking that may be a big reason why mine looks so much worse than the tutorial’s.