Please Help With Topology

I tried modeling a boat and somehow when I was cleaning up the mesh, it got messed up and now it is nearly impossible to edit it. Is there anybody who has any tips on making my topology better?
boat.blend (758.5 KB)

hello, yes your topology has some problems, but your question is a bit too broad, maybe follow some tutorials about modeling to learn the good habits?

For example I suppose this part should be part of the part underneath:


So is the only way to make my topology better to hire somebody?

if you don’t want to learn Blender, yes

Hi, I suggest to start by finding a reference blueprint that show you the front, side, and top views.
Use a cube in wireframe mode and line up the vertices to the overall shape front, side, and top.
only later start adding the interior and exterior parts. see example:

I did use a blueprint for this model.
This is the one ^^^