Please Help with Tuition

Hi all me and my girlfriend are admitted for 1 year masters programmes at a UK university, the problem beign the steep costs of getting there and affording it, so I have opted for crowd funding via indiegogo.

heres the link I just published the page.: (short URL) … /x/4254185 (long URL)

please help even spreading the campaign is highly appreciated!.

Have you got a Plan B in case strangers on the Internet don’t give you $100,000?

Considering that you have not provided any actual evidence that you got accepted to the university (you haven’t even told us which university), I think you might have a hard time reaching your goal.

Also, for some of the perks you promise to make people models and/or games. You have, however, not shown anything that you have actually made, as support for these perks.

yeah, you know what; Discounts for blenderartists and members who have signed up before I started the campaign. how much of a discount? discuss it with me, seriously I’m desperate for funds. you don’t have to use Indiegogo, we can start a thread here.

another thing, to address credibility, I am makng an MMO, so If I don’t want to pissoff my customer base i definitely CANNOT cheat the internet out of money.

Would I get to see monthly progress and the report cards, and various achievements?

Yes those could be submitted on a forum, I have several project update threads on various forums already, I could start one here.