Please help

I am making a Minecraft animation in Blender 2.79a for a few days now. Until now, i could normally append skins and items and blocks from BlackPlasmaRig. But, when i try to append a skin, instead of selected skin color to be orange, it is blue. I can’t move it around or do anything with it. Not even delete it. How can i fix this?

Check and see if you are adding it as an instance, which you can not change…better to uncheck as an instance object and just append…Or if you are using the Black Plasma essentials pack why not just import the texture/skin…

Thanks for the reply. Will check it out. Expect a response.

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I was not adding it as an instance and i did append it as a skin. Any other advice?

Give me the exact steps you are following to get the results you describe… the image doesn’t really tell be anything…
See if you also can share the Blend file…I have the textures.
If not here then one of the sahare site …Google Mediafire ,etc.

I followed all the steps that Black Plasma Studios said in the tutorials. I set all the user preferences as in the tutorial. I did everything as in the tutorial. I could append skins then, but suddendly, about a week ago, when i tried to append, i think my 4th or 5th skin, to the animation it just was as in the image. And new users can’t upload attachments. I can say that all the files are just as in BPS’ tutorial.