Please Help!

(E-tek) #1

Hi , I have a problem, when I start blender all the buttons are blank (with no text in them) , Im using blender for some years , but I never thougt to remember the buttons location , please Help!!!
Im in a middle of a project, I need answers ASAP!

(ec2) #2

Have you rebooted? If so, try adjusting the colors to a lower setting in your display setting if you are using Windows.

(E-tek) #3

I Did reboot, play with the color depth, and reinstall blender (publiser), Its still doing this “no Text” problem (Actually its missing all the texts on the GUI, not only on buttons).
The only thing I can think of is that: i reinstall Direct X 8.1 lately , and also looked at blender source code, and made some files to open in text editor. can any of those things can harm my blender?
Using Athlon 800MGH and nvida TNT2 model 64

(ec2) #4

I’m not 100% sure, but I think your issue might lie with the Direct X install. Again, I’m not for certain, but that seems to be the likley culprit.

(E-tek) #5

OK , Thanks , I hope this is the problem and not that I messed somthing up with the files ,I will Try To re re Install. :slight_smile:

(theeth) #6

Blender doesn’t use DirectX, so that’s probably not the problem

Did you try changing the drivers for your video card?


(E-tek) #7

Thats very helpful ( to know any way), Im Actually about updating the drivers, even when I work with blender and this hardware for a year now (and I have never had any problems, actually I NEVER HAVE ANY PROBLEMS with blender before, for the last 4 years).
Any way if someone know anything else about this issue, please help , Im about to FORMAT the computer, Im ablender Fun-natics and a machine with no blender on worth nothing!

(IamInnocent) #8

Martin is right and DirectX has no part in Blender, only OpenGL.

To make sure that your (new ?) video card and driver are in play just deactivate any material acceleration (in system from the configuration panel, the rightmost tab (performances maybe in english) click the graphic button (still guessing the english term) and pull the slider to the left.

Then start Blender and if everything is fine (but slow no doubt) the find the right video card/driver combo that solve the problem.

(E-tek) #9

Its not anew video card problem, Im working with a Nvidia TNT RIVA 2, and athlon 800 MGH, any way did you mean the “hardware accleration?” slider?

(E-tek) #10

Problem sloved!
THANK YOU , THANK YOU , The world look bright again, and blender with his communaty didn’t fail again!.
So let me fix my words: " I’m working with blender for about 4 years and never have any real troubles or un sloved hardware/ software probblems…" :slight_smile:
Thanks again to all