Please Help!

Hey, i got a big problem, this picture below explains my problem

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what is with all the stupid subjects recently?

and this question has been asked so many times before it is not funny

and the other part is that the normals are wrong, turn off double sided so you can see which way they point [the back side of faces would be black] and press control+n to recalculate your normals [outside] or control+shift+n [recaclulate them inside]

if that doesn’t work over your entire mesh it probably is non-mainifold [you could check if that is the case by moving the decimator slider in the edit buttons some, if you get an error your mesh is non manifold, press cancel to get back to your unmodified mesh] you can select non-manifold regions of your mesh with shift+m in edit mode of blender 2.33

in gameblender faces are only visible from the side the normals point to by default

how about getting 2.33?
and learning to spell, type, and make a real subject line?

I don’t like flaming people so i won’t (i have been flamed enough to know what it is like!) I just posted this subject a few days ago and it is still on this page or page two and it is called “Why don’t my uv textures show up” Check it out there - it didn’t help me much but the tut i came across sure did and what ever was wrong doesn’t seem to be there anymore! :wink:

Settle down everyone! :expressionless:

Remember how it felt when you were a beginner?

Take it easy . . . :expressionless:

Oh and don’t know how to fix your problem. :frowning:

Is ther a way to do that in blender 2.25

probably but it is easier to just do it in 2.33 so why not just get the latest version?! :wink:

Yes it can be done in 2.25. zero d answered all your questions. The reason nobody is helping you is because all of this is covered in ALL OF THE MANUALS SINCE 1.5. It goes to the basic functions of how the modelling module relates to the realtime and rendering modules. Nobody can MAKE you understand that, you have to figure out for yourself that reading the documentation takes less time than solving mistakes made by ignoring the basics.