please help

i was wondering wether there was any way to merge blend files together, i may be out of mind i dnt know, but what i mean is, i have a sword in one blend file and a scene in another, is there some way to bring the object from one of the files in to the other file, so i end up with both objects in the same file? please help unless i dreamt up this idea.

File >> Append, goto the file with the sword and select it from the OBJECT menu (not the Mesh menu).


You can also choose “Scene” from the append list and load the whole scene into the new one.

If you have many objects on SCENE 1 it may be helpful to open the file you want to transfer, hit “M” and move those files to another layer, then FILE>>APPEND on your first file. Then switch layers and arrange your file # two so it is more managable. Then hit “M” again and there’s your object.

I use this for when I model files in a huge city. Oh well.