Please Help!

Sorry if this sound stupid, but how do you use the fluidism IPOs. I need to animate gravity settings, but when I click “ADD NEW” it crashes.

How do I use the fluidism IPO’s? Thanks!


Geez…does no one know?

tryin it now

Thank you VERY VERY much for even considering trying to help me! I really appreciate it!


how do you insert keyframes for gravity?

ok just found it. a popup comes and says error! warn bugtracker

Thats exactly whats been happening to me. But, this is weird, I’ve been trying to figure it out for three days and as soon aas you responded, I figured it out. You can cheat by pressing “r” in the IPO window and choosing “Still” Then you can press “I” to insert keyframes like normal.

Thanks for your replies though!


Seems to be a bug.

To add an IPO curve -
Just select a channel (Left Mouse Click GravX for instance) and Ctrl_Left Mouse Click in the graph area to add an IPO point.

Press [n] to bring up the transform panel to enter exact values.